Brand Development, Web Site, Sponsorhip Marketing Program, PR, Plus Copy, Photography and Video Content

Made the web site more professional and provide a branded image so that sponsors could easily understand what this junior college "club" football program was about. It also conveyed the needs of the team and how sponsors could help support it within their community. From there it led to writing copy, taking pictures and developing video content that was used and shared by the players. I also developed a simple marketing plan for sponsors and materials for developing more interest from the media, community, player prospects and local high schools.

Provided Web Design, SEO, Online Marketing, Social Media Content, Competitive Research, SWOT Reports, Data Analysis and a two episodes on NEW DAY Northwest, a TV shows on King 5

Initial action included web site design and search engine optimization to improve its rank and organic traffic nationally. Next, was web optimization to improve localized SEO. This included a lot of new content, site redesign, partnering, linking and helping the owners understand the impact of their radio and newspaper advertising buys related to store/foot traffic and monthly sales.

We added TV media to the mix on King 5 Episode 1 and Episode 2. Also created a small business web site This family owned business was a joy to work for and they emphasized a culture that focused on providing the best customer service possible with quality products from natural mattresses, and organic bedding to solid wood furniture. As their YELP review shows - you can't go wrong. I recommend visiting their store in Seattle.

Provided eCommerce, Marketing, Sales, Branding and Business Development Services

Launched two products online, that were almost identical, except that the Sports version that had some Zinc Yeast in the formulation. Initial efforts included developing a business plan, clear product positioning, a detailed multi-million dollar budget and a marketing strategy for both products, targeting two different market segments.

This included and Both web sites were built following the website structure created by the Swedish team to establish global brand continuity as seen here  Mapped out a PR strategy and introduced strategic partnership opportunities while leveraging newsworthy studies, like the one conducted by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

Astaxanthin Based Dietary Supplements
Consumer Goods - Natural Mattresses to Organic Bedding and Furniture
Competitive Sports - College Football / Non-Profit Organization

                                                                     Click for digital layout              

Samplings of VITAJOURNAL'S that show publication layout, design. copy, themes and ads.

VitaJournal   VitaJournal    VitaJournal    VitaJournal    VitaJournal    VitaJournal    VitaJournal 

7 versions were created every month for different market segments, along with 7 versions of the product catalog.

The VitaJournals and catalogs were mailed roughly 2 weeks apart and together accounted for a majority of product sales every month.

Directed All Creative Services for Web and Print at TriVita

Led global corporate brand transition for TriVita as well as numerous CPG’s including branded product lines - Leanology, Sonoran Bloom’s Nopalea, PURE Natural Skin care, NutraFruits and corporate brand. Provided and directed a wide-range of creative, production and content development initiatives for all channels including monthly catalogs, magazines, web sites, web promos, packaging design, infomercial scripts, direct mail, events and marketing. Managed a large integrated creative team (15), plus freelancers and broadcast, branding, animation and design agencies.    direct network sales and marketing plan     Business Plan

Dietary Supplements, Weight-Loss Systems and Nutritional Drinks

eCommerce. Web Design, Branding, Catalogs, Publications, Photography, Product Development, Product Positioning and Marketing

Working with Rob Barnes, previously Sensaria CEO, the goal was to develop a similar product line for a small US import company that sold branded and private label products to national retailers.

Health and Beauty Implements, Skincare Lotions, Oils and Aromatherapy
Commercial Furniture / Case Goods

The Main Web Site Was Ranked Well Over 26 Million

So, the first step was to fix that. It took over 6 weeks to move it near 200 thousand and then the real work started.

This included Logo Design, Social Media and Advertising on Facebook Fan Page.

Work included brand / logo redevelopment, advertising, web site organizational 

restructuring and other related projects. 


Architecture, Engineering, Planning and Interior Design

“INNOVA Architects hired John to help us grow our presence through its: online websites, social media, brochures, mailers, and to build personal relationships that all together grow our business. John has been a dynamo of enthusiasm and is always full of new and good ideas. He has made a huge positive change in our company in all the areas for which we hired John to work. His prior experience was in product marketing, and while we are a professional service provider, John was able to bring a valuable and new perspective to how we should be marketing professional services, while at the same time quickly learning how we traditionally have marketed professional services. He adapted quickly, learning new methods and always pushed me hard to be bold and take new steps in new directions.

John definitely thinks like a business owner and like a true entrepreneur, always generating new ideas about how to grow the business and how to benefit our company and capitalize on our efforts. But, he understands the balance a CEO must maintain between financial investments into marketing efforts compared to the results it might produce. He is always positive and upbeat and able to adjust to the dynamics of up and down moments in a business. At times due to our own company limitations I felt that I was not able to take full advantage of what John had to offer. But even through that John has been happy to be a part of our company and especially to assist me in building and implementing the strategy to grow.

I enjoy John personally and professionally and know John has a huge amount of value to bring any company in which he is employed. I am so happy I hired John and would do it all over again. It was the right decision for us. Despite that fact, sometimes outside circumstances affect our business performance and alter our direction.

 That has resulted in our inability to retain John. Therefore we offer our complete endorsement for John to any potential employer who wishes to expand business. John will bring you strategies, ideas, produce written copy, make personal introductions and help to implement the plan through to completion. He will work either in cooperation with the CEO, but if asked is happy to lead the effort independently. I remain happy to be called upon to reiterate in person my sincere endorsement for John Metselaar.”   Paul M., CEO, 

“I had the opportunity to hire John at AstaVita Inc. to lead our efforts with regards to e commerce, branding, marketing and sales for our dietary supplement line. Selecting John was an easy decision for me as John has prior experience working for a dietary supplement company, along with very strong experience and demonstrated skills in building brands, managing and driving on line sales, along with web site development and management. While interviewing candidates to fill our open position it became very evident that John brings a unique combination of skills to the table that typically require the hiring of multiple people to obtain these talents. It was a pleasure working with John as he was all in and committed to what we needed accomplished and he worked tirelessly 24/7 in order to accomplish our goal to have a web site up and operational within 3-4 months. John strengths include a strong executive presence, strategic planning, branding along with earning the trust and respect of our team. I strongly recommend John for any VP or Director level opportunity in e-commerce, marketing and sales.”  Bob O., General Manager,

“John is an extremely conscientious professional who can operate very effectively at both strategic and tactical levels with equal poise and eloquence. His ability to build relationships is commendable and inspirational. John is a quick learner, a motivated self-starter and knows how to navigate almost any scenario to get the job done effectively without ruffling any feathers. In a large organization that is particularly difficult and John was able to do that very elegantly. His ability to think quickly on his feet and find solutions made him a very important member of our team because he was a problem solver. Unique skills that are hard to come by. “ Kumar S., CEO at White Space Healthcare Marketing. Previously, Group Director and VP at



INNOVA Architects
ORB Architects
AstaVita Nutraceuticals
AstaMed Medical Foods
Bedrooms and More
TriVita Nutraceuticals
Publicis Healthcare

Validus Sports
Kitsap Sports
Sprint / USAA

Seattle Super Sonics
X10 Wireless Technologies

Seattle FilmWorks

IQ Technologies


Editor's Choice Software

The Main Attraction

Ravenna Designs Jewelry

NorthWest Building Corporation

Washington Energy Services

Tacoma General Hospital

CIGNA Healthplan of WA

First Interstate Bank

First Security Bank

Old Rainier Bank

Prudential Bank FSB

Gibraltar Savings

Rainer Bank

ONB Old National Bank

Sooner Federal 

Puget Sound National Bank

The Seattle Aquarium

Woodland Park Zoo

Bank of Hawaii

Pacific First Federal

Pacific First Mortgage

Washington Mutual


WM Life Insurance

My Mom's Muffin

All Seasons Resorts

NorthWest Direct
Herring & Newman Direct
PMA Direct Marketing

Manus Direct Marketing
    Thousand Trails

    Holland America Lines


The Robert A McNeil Corp.
Pacific Plan Mortgage
McNeil Securities




Direct Network Sales
Membership Marketing

Hiring Resources, Development
and Assessment for Productivity
and Improvements
Vendor Selection, Testing

Creative Direction
Brand Standards & Guidelines
Art Direction
Design & Illustration
Logo Design
Packaging Design
Environmental Design
Informational Graphics
PowerPoint Decks
Product Catalogs
Product Sheets
Web Design, Web Site Development, Management

Architectural Renderings
Video /Infomercials


Strategic Development
Competitive Reports
Statement of Qualifications
Govt. SF330 Submittals
Project / Cut Sheets
Product Sheets

Sourcing Raw Materials
Product Development
Campaign Auditing
Process Improvement
Sourcing Contractors
Interviewing / Hiring
Testing / FDA Approval
Printing and Packaging
Compliance & Legal Review
Inventory Systems
eCommerce SolutionsAmazon, Shopify, GoDaddy



AstaVita and AstaMed, both Astaxathin based dietary supplements. Bedrooms and More, a family owned retail business that sells natural mattresses, organic bedding and solid-wood furniture. TriVita premier nutraceuticals with a natural drink call Nopalea, Purbody Life, a new brand skincare brand for National Retail Solutions, Watson Furniture, a commercial furniture company a college football non-profit organization called Central Sound JC Warhawks and a semi-pro football team, The Kitsap Storm.


Dietary Supplements

Business Turn-Around Situation / Dietary Supplements - Increased revenue from $65M to $200M+ in 4 years, while improving productivity 517% with zero turnover.

Wireless Cameras & Home Automation Systems Increased daily sales from $65K to $245K in 6 month period by applying perpetual testing daily and establishing the #1 eCommerce site.

Direct Mail Photofinishing & Digital Imaging Changing a Global Brand and helped to Increase annual revenue from $80M to $124M+ in 5 years.

Home Equity Credit Line for Consumer Bank Delivered a 17% response rate and generated nearly $20 Million is credit line applications. Won an ECHO for this.

Medical Devices
Performance Sports
Retail Consumer Goods

Brand Development, Web Sites, Sponsorship Marketing Programs, PR, Plus Copy, Photography and Video Content

Created a branded corporate web site and a marketing/promotional web site so that sponsors could easily understand what this men's developmental football program was all about. It also conveyed the needs of the team and how sponsors could help support it within their community. From there it led to writing copy, taking pictures and developing video content that was used and shared by the players via social platforms. I also developed a simple marketing plan for sponsors and materials for developing more interest from the media, community, player prospects and local high schools.    Facebook Fan Page

Competitive Sports - Minor League Football / Non-Profit Organization
AEC Industry - Casegoods / Architectural Millwork - Sr. Project Management
One88 Project - Bellevue, WA 
CHANEL Projects - New York City, Chicago and Bevery Hills @ Bloomingdale